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Climate Change Streamflow Scenario Tool

Climate Change Streamflow Scenarios

ARCHIVE: This tool was replaced in spring 2009 with an expanded set of streamflow locations (271 sites) and modeled variables (in addition to streamflow). This page is currently not being supported.

Columbia River Basin

Forty-year time series of monthly average streamflows associated with the climate changes projected for the 2020s and the 2040s (along with observed naturalized flows) are available at the locations shown on the map below.

To view and/or download historic and climate change data for a specific location, click on the name of the location on the list below the map.

To display or download the data for all locations shown in a single file: click here. Hold down the shift key while clicking on the link to save to a file.

click on a numbered circle to see historic and climate change data

map of average streamflows Milner Hells Canyon The Dalles Ice Harbor Dworshak Priest Rapids Chief Joseph Kerr Hungry Horse Libby Waneta Keenleyside Corra Linn Duncan Revelstoke Mica

Streamflow Nodes (as above):

  1. Mica
  2. Revelstoke
  3. Duncan
  4. Corra Linn
  5. Keenleyside
  6. Waneta
  7. Libby
  8. Hungry Horse
  9. Kerr
  10. Chief Joseph
  11. Priest Rapids
  12. Dworshak
  13. Ice Harbor
  14. The Dalles
  15. Hell's Canyon
  16. Milner

Modified Flows based on A.G. Crook Co. Data Set

A set of modified flow scenarios at 71 flow locations in the Columbia River basin have been produced for the GENESYS simulation model. These flows are consistent with the A.G. Crook Co. 1990 level modified flow data set that is widely used for reservoir model simulation. Click here for additional information and data.

Additional data for the Snake is available from the SnakeSim model. Click here for additional information and data.