Forecasts and Planning Tools

The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) uses its research on Pacific Northwest (PNW) climate variability and change to develop climate-based natural resource forecasts and planning tools for PNW resource managers. These products are designed to facilitate the use of climate information in near-term operations and planning, as well as long-range planning efforts. The lead times afforded by the CIG’s forecasts and planning tools allow resource managers to better assess and manage the risks and opportunities associated with projected conditions.

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Climate change planning tools:


Other Types of Planning Assistance and Technical Support

In addition to climate-based resource forecasts and planning tools, the CIG offers technical support to policy makers and resource managers through:

Seattle Public Utilities, Portland Water Bureau, Idaho Department of Water Resources, and the Bonneville Power Administration are just a few of the resource agencies that are using or have used CIG forecasts and/or technical support capacities in resource planning. For more information on planning assistance, please contact CIG Outreach.

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