Climate Impacts on the Pacific Northwest

Winter Quarter 2011
ATMS 585A / ENVIR 585A / ESS 585A / SMA 585A
Amy Snover & Nathan Mantua

Writing Assignments

Essays are due at 5pm on Fridays; late assignments will not be accepted without prior approval of the instructors.

Expectations: Go beyond the readings in your writing, but use them as your foundation; present a clear, focused, well developed and substantiated argument; write clearly and carefully; and get the facts right.

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Length = 700 words maximum!

Essay Due Date Assignment


Feb 18

Given that (1) sea level rise will likely exacerbate beach erosion and coastal landsliding, (2) many of the sea level rise responses involve land use management choices, and (3) there is a growing polarity in society regarding private property rights vis a vis government's traditional role in managing land use, what is the most politically viable way to successfully prepare for/respond to sea level rise in Washington and why?


Feb 25

Based on our readings and discussions from throughout the quarter, identify the characteristics of resource planning or management situations in which climate information should be (1) highly valuable and (2) of very limited utility. Justify your reasoning and provide at least one specific example for each case.