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Conference Supporters

The 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference is receiving support from a broad consortium of research groups, federal and state agencies, and non-profit groups, including the following (listed in alphabetical order):

The conference host is the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group.

Conference Steering Committee

Conference planning was completed by the Conference Steering Committee (* denotes conference co-chairs):

The conference co-chairs, Amy Snover and Nick Bond, would like to thank the Steering Committee for their assistance in planning the conference.

Carbon Offsets

Conference organizers are providing $500 to plant 50 trees that will sequester over 62 tons of carbon dioxide via the Go Zero program. Go Zero purchases support The Conservation Fund's efforts to acquire land on behalf of national and state parks or wildlife refuges and to restore that land with native trees that will sequester carbon dioxide over the project's lifetime (estimated at 100 years). While it is difficult to estimate the emissions related to a conference's travel, food, lodging and the facility's energy use, we believe that our sequestration purchase will offset a significant proportion -- or perhaps the totality of our emissions.