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Weekly CIG Seminar: Spring Quarter Schedule 2001

Wednesdays 1:15-2:45


March 28

Nathan Mantua, Alan Hamlet, Philip Mote, and Rick Palmer, CIG

PM: July water policy workshop
NM: March 28, 2001 PNW climate update and outlook
AH: CIG water resources outreach long-range strategy and assessment of the 2001 drought
RP: Planning for a virtual drought

April 4

Noah Knowles, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Climate and human influences on freshwater inflows and salinity in the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and watershed

April 11

Ed Miles, CIG

Riddles of institutional design: From global to local space scales
Abstract / Presentation

April 18

Paul Hessberg, U.S. Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Research Station

Interdecadal drought and wetness patterns in the northwest United States, 1675-2000

April 25

Bill Steele, UW Seismology Lab

Earthquakes and global climate change: Planning for uncertain risks

May 2

Ed Miles, CIG

Applications of institutional design principles to water management in the PNW under conditions of climate change

May 9

Stewart Cohen and other members of the Okanagan study team, University of British Columbia

Climate change and water resource management in the Okanagan Basin, British Columbia
Local media coverage of their March 13 adaptation workshop

May 16

Are Strom, UW School of Fisheries

Environmental history from a geoduck's perspective

May 23

Gina Morimoto, and
Seema Balwani,
UW School of Marine Affairs

GM: The possible effects of climate variability/change on pinniped-salmonid interactions at low population
levels of salmonids: Management implications for salmonid recovery

SB: Approaching the design of a National Climate Service

May 30



June 6

 The Climate Impacts Group

Year 2001 Annual Meeting


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