Ed Miles
Climate Impacts Group
Seminar May 2 2001

Applications of institutional design principles to water management in the PNW under conditions of climate change

This seminar is designed to apply the principles developed in the last seminar to the problem of optimizing water management in the PNW under our projected conditions of global/regional climate change. I shall follow these steps:

1). an introduction to collective action theory.
2). Re the cases in Miles et al., what were the most important factors in regime design,i.e., what worked and what didn't?
3). Re-state ELM approach to design & questions linking theoretical issues with applications case.
4). Focus discussion on what jobs are to be done and what design elements are likely to be critical in the case of water mgmt. in the PNW. Assume that increasing supply side crises trigger impetus for change (they already have) and that we can approch the problem in a phased manner rather than an all or nothing approach.