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Weekly CIG Seminar: Winter Quarter 2002


Jan 8

David W. Peterson, CIG

Forest hydrology in the Pacific Northwest: modeling the effects of climatic variability and forest cover on soil water storage and forest water use

Jan 15

Jim Murray, UW Oceanography

Introducing the UW Program on Climate Change

Jan 22

Ed Miles, CIG

Pursuing the PDO and Climate Impacts in the Southern Hemisphere

Jan 29

Paul Whitfield, Science Division, Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada


Analysis and modelling of recent climate driven changes in streamflow in British Columbia and Yukon
> Selected references


Feb 5 **
1:15 - 2:15 **

David Battisti, JISAO

Mechanisms responsible for abrupt climate change: Past and future

Feb 12

Shira Yoffe, Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database Project, Oregon State University


Basins At Risk: Conflict and Cooperation Over International Freshwater Resources

** Feb 21

Sonia Batten, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, Canada


The Continuous Plankton Recorder - now coming to an ocean near you!
> Powerpoint version of talk (huge!)

Feb 26

Nate Mantua and Bob Francis, CIG

Searching for the entangled bank: Thoughts on predictability and sustainability for NW salmon fisheries

Mar 5

Alyden Donnelly, President, the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium ("GEMCo"), Vancouver, British Columbia

Carbon Credit Trading and Its Impact on Ecosystem Management
> Powerpoint version of talk
> A memo written by GEMCo in response to three separate carbon sequestration bills that were in play last year.
Alyden notes: "The final Senate-passed farm bill is very different from the three earlier bills that were referenced in the memo, but the final bill incorporated amendments that covered all of the provisions we addressed in the memo. If you want to look at those three original bills, you can download them from

Mar 12

Jeff Richey, UW Oceanography, PRISM

On the Role of River Systems in the Global Carbon Cycle (with a Twist)
> Powerpoint version of talk






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