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Seminar Abstract

Mike Dalton - November 14, 2002


The California rockfish conservation area: Climate fluctuations and groundfish trawlers at Moss Landing Harbor

The California Rockfish Conservation Area (CRCA) was recently adopted to rebuild overfished groundfish stocks. Fisheries managers do not currently have the analytical tools necessary to estimate effects of the CRCA and other area closures on the distribution of fishing effort. Bioeconomic models have been used extensively to analyze the dynamics of fishing effort and stock abundance. These models are usually descriptive, not spatial, and based on untested simplifying assumptions that exclude effects of climate and other potentially significant explanatory variables such as ex vessel prices. This seminar will present a spatial bioeconomic model that includes effects of sea surface temperatures and ex vessel prices. The model is estimated and tested using data from Moss Landing Harbor in Monterey Bay, California and applied to the CRCA. Results from the bioeconomic model show how sea surface temperatures interact with ex vessel prices to determine the spatial distribution of fishing effort, and that climate is an important variable to consider when analyzing shifts in fishing effort and other effects of area closures.

Paper (looks grainy in e-form but prints clearly)

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