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Seminar Abstract

Amy Snover & Nate Mantua - April 2, 2002


A Discussion of CIG's Integrated Assessment, Past and Future (Part I)

Are CIG's efforts too weak, or too strong, on detailed processes? Should this research group spend more or less effort on interactions between sectors, more or less effort on public policy and/or economics, or take on entirely new sectors? . . . In this seminar, we'll (1) use the Kaje method to develop a conceptual model of the horizontally-integrated work CIG has done to-date, (2) use this model to stimulate a discussion of potential future research directions, and (3) tell you how last quarter's SMA550C ("Climate Impacts on the PNW") students answered the question: Given CIG's progress so far and their stated mission, i.e., "to increase the resilience of the PNW to climate variability and change," what would you recommend their focus be over the next five years?



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