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Weekly CIG Seminar

Spring Quarter 2003 (link to past seminars)

The CIG hosts weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the scientific and social dimensions of climate variability, climate change, climate impacts assessment, and adaptation to climate impacts. Seminars are held during the academic year and are open to the public. Seminars for this quarter are scheduled for:

Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00

JISAO Conference Room (1st Floor, King Building)
4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle

(Note: The King Building is located northeast of the UW campus across from University Village shopping center on 25th Ave NE. The building located behind Washington Mutual and next to the Burke Gilman Trail.)

Please note special location on Tuesday, April 22, and special day on Thursday, May 1 (no April 29 seminar).


April 1

Dan Vimont, JISAO

How do we model climate variability in a warmer world?: A framework for modeling ENSO-related regional climate change and variability.


April 8

Ed Sarachik, CSES
David Battisti, JISAO (tentative)

The role of the tropical Pacific in global climate variability: what sort of climate variability might we expect with global warming?
Background materials

April 15

Ed Sarachik, CSES

Richard Slaughter, Richard Slaughter Assoc. and CIG

Quarterly Climate Report

Addressing criticisms of the 2001 IPCC SRES scenarios
Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

April 22
Johnson Hall 064
(special location, same time)

Clara Deser, NCAR/Climate and Global Dynamics Division

Pacific decadal climate variability: what the instrumental record tells us
Abstract / Presentation

Thursday, May 1
(special date)

Martyn Clark, Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Western Water Assessment
Abstract / Presentation

See Martyn's presentation on streamflow forecasting to Dennis Lettenmaier's class.

May 6
(2nd floor CIG conference room this day only)

Ed Miles, CIG

Internal (team) discussion: Issues and opportunities regarding our future direction

May 13

Don Reading, Ben Johnson Associates and CIG

Snake River Water Transfers
Abstract / Presentation

May 20

Jeremy Littell, UW College of Forest Resources and CIG

Climate Variability and Fire in the Mountain West: Pacific Teleconnections, Drought, and Severe Fire Years since 1600
Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

May 27

Eban Goodstein, Associate Professor, Economics, Lewis and Clark College

The Costs of Climate Change: A Regional Analysis
Abstract / Presentation

June 3

John Field, UW Department of Fisheries and CIG

Modeling Northeast Pacific Ecosystems
Abstract/ Presentation

June 10

Andy Wood, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering
with co-authors Alan Hamlet and Dennis Lettenmaier

Implementing Real-Time Seasonal Hydrologic Forecasting for the Western U.S.: Recent Progress
Abstract/ Presentation


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