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Seminar Abstract

Martyn Clark - Thursday, May 1


The Western Water Assessment

The overall mission of the Western Water Assessment (WWA) project is to improve water-related decision-making and management in the Interior West by increasing the scope, quality, availability and relevance of climate products and knowledge. Within this research framework, the WWA project has two primary objectives: (1) Assess the sensitivity of climate-sensitive groups and organizations to climate extremes and other stresses, and evaluate regional options for adaptation; and (2) Develop applied hydro-climate monitoring and prediction products that will help climate-sensitive groups and organizations to make more informed decisions. Achieving the WWA mission and the WWA objectives demands both integration of research of the different disciplines involved in the project, and also development of strong partnerships with climate-sensitive user groups.

In this presentation I will summarize the research highlights of the Western Water Assessment. I will describe how the tactics of disciplinary integration and partnerships with users have been applied in different ways in different parts of the WWA project. I will discuss some opinions that challenge our current research philosophies and approaches. Finally, I will describe criteria we are using to judge the success of our project.

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