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Background materials for Sarachik and Battisti seminar - April 8, 2003


1. The Visser, Thunell, and Stott paper in NATURE for 9 January on "The Magnitude and timing of temperature change in the Indo-Pacific warm pool during deglaciation" which suggests that the Tropical Pacific plays a role
in driving glacial-interglacial cycles.

2. Richard Kerr's news story in SCIENCE (Kerr 299(5605):336b, 17 January 2003 [])
concerning the relationship between volcanic eruptions and El Niños and references to work by Mark Cane and Amy Clement (Science, 275, 14 Feb 1997 []), which argues for split impacts of global warming on the Pacific, i.e., warm in the West but cool (La Niña-like) in the East.

3. The news story ( and the paper in SCIENCE for 31 January by Martin Hoerling and Arun Kumar on "The Perfect Ocean for Drought" (, which argues that the widely distributed droughts of 1998-2002 were linked by a combination of cold SST's in the eastern Tropical Pacific and warm SST's in the western Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans.

4. Knapp et al. 2002. "Climatic Regionalization and the Spatio-Temporal Occurrence of Extreme Single-Year Drought Events (1500–1998) in the Interior Pacific Northwest, USA" Quaternary Research 58: 226-233

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