Outreach, Classes, and Seminars

CIG Weekly Seminars

Fall Quarter 2005

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The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) hosts weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the scientific and social dimensions of climate variability, climate change, climate impacts assessment, and adaptation to climate impacts. Seminars are held during the academic year and are open to the public.

Seminars for this quarter are scheduled for:

Tuesdays, 1:30-3:00

(unless otherwise noted)

CIG Conference Room (2nd Floor, Lisa Li Building)
4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle

(Note: The Lisa Li Building is located northeast of the UW campus across from University Village shopping center on 25th Ave NE. The building is located behind Washington Mutual and next to the Burke Gilman Trail.)

Information for presenters

Date Speaker Topic

Tuesday, October 4

**1st floor conf. room **

Part 1 (20 min.)
Phil Mote, CSES/CIG

Part 2
Jeremy Littell

Quarterly climate update
Presentation - global, regional reports

Ecosystem controls on the relationship between climate variability and 20th century fire in the American West

** Monday,
October 10 **

Special seminar

Luis Metzger, Specialist in Hydrology, National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology, Peru

Modeling results and scenarios in the Santa river basin and its impact on water resources


Tuesday, October 11 Ron Thom, Marine Sciences Laboratory,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Climate-forced variation in eelgrass (Zostera marina) abundance: Can eelgrass be a conveyor of carbon from the atmosphere to an ocean carbon sink?

Abstract / Presentation (31MB)

Tuesday, October 18

* Room 14, Oceanography Teaching Bldg*

Ed Miles, CSES/CIG

Special location

Warming Neptune's kingdom: The impacts of global climate change on marine ecosystems

Abstract / Presentation

Tuesday, October 25

**canceled due to illness; will be rescheduled

Nate Mantua, CSES/CIG
Vera Trainer, NOAA
Barbara Hickey, UW

Investigating climate impacts on paralytic shellfish toxins from Alexandrium in Puget Sound as part of NOAA's Center for Excellence in Oceans and Human Health

Abstract / Presentation

Tuesday, November 1 no seminar no seminar
Tuesday, November 8 Steve Gray, Research Associate, Desert Laboratory, USGS

Nonlinear interactions between climate, landscape structure, and plant migrations

Abstract / Presentation

Tuesday, November 15 Ignatius G. Rigor, UW

Arctic warming and the implications for naval trade in Seattle and elsewhere


Tuesday, November 22 Dr. Antonio Baptista, OGI School of Science & Engineering, Oregon Health & Science University

Estuaries and plumes: Old problems, new solutions…with a PNW twist


Tuesday, November 29


CIG team meeting

(note special time)

Discussion: Measuring CIG's progress towards integrated horizontal assessment


Tuesday, December 6

** ATG 610 **

Rob Nicholas, UW

(note special location)

Exploring persistent drought in the Rio Yaqui Basin, Mexico

Abstract / Presentation (pdf)