Seminar Abstract

Dave Peterson

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Assessing the effects of climatic variability and change on PNW forests: a scale-based framework

Retrospective and contemporary studies provide an empirical basis for understanding how directional changes in climate would affect forest ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest. As is true of most natural resources, the knowledge base is rich at small spatial scales and poor at large scales. In this discussion, I will:

(1) summarize the empirical evidence for climate-forest relationships,
(2) provide a spatio-temporal approach for change detection,
(3) link the above to resource management issues and interests, and
(4) consider response capacity through management and policy.

Linkages with hydrology will get special consideration with respect to scale issues. A roundtable discussion will be encouraged in order to explore how a scale-based framework can be successfully applied across other resource sectors.

Speaker bio:

Dave Peterson is a Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service's Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team, a Professor at the UW College of Forest Resources, and a Principal with the Climate Impacts Group.