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CIG Weekly Seminars

Spring Quarter 2006


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The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) hosts weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the scientific and social dimensions of climate variability, climate change, climate impacts assessment, and adaptation to climate impacts. Seminars are held during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters) and are open to the public.

CIG seminars are scheduled for:

Thursdays, 1:30-3:00

(unless otherwise noted)

CIG Conference Room (2nd Floor, Lisa Li Building)
4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle

(Note: The Lisa Li Building is located northeast of the UW campus across from University Village shopping center on 25th Ave NE. The building is located behind Washington Mutual and next to the Burke Gilman Trail.)

Information for presenters

Current CIG Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Topic

March 30

Part 1 (20 min.)
Ed Sarachik, CSES/CDG
Philip Mote, CSES/CIG

Part 2
Jim Overland,
NOAA PMEL and JISAO Senior Fellow

Quarterly climate update
Presentation - global, regional reports

Communicating climate and ecosystem change for the Arctic  


April 6

Jan Newton, Applied Physics Laboratory, UW

Climate impacts on Puget Sound and Hood Canal oceanography


April 13
Bryan Black, Oregon State University Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies

Pacific rockfish, tree rings, and climate-driven linkages between marine and terrestrial ecosystems

Abstract / Presentation

April 20
Greg Jones, Southern Oregon University

Climate change and wine: Observations, predictions, and potential implications

Abstract / Presentation

April 27
Anthony Leiserowitz, University of Oregon

Climate change in the American mind

Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

Recommended reading from the presentation:

Leiserowitz, A. (in press) Communicating the risks of global warming: American risk perceptions, affective images and interpretive communities. In S. Moser and L. Dilling, eds. Communication and social change: Strategies for dealing with the climate crisis. Cambridge University Press.

Leiserowitz, A. (2005) American risk perceptions: Is climate change dangerous? Risk Analysis 25(6):1433-1442

Leiserowitz, A. (2004) Before and after The Day After Tomorrow: A U.S. study of climate change risk perception. Environment 46(9): 22-37

May 4
Philip Mote, CSES/CIG

Two flavors of drought in the Pacific Northwest: Recent examples

Abstract / Presentation

May 11

Brian Tissot, Washington State University at Vancouver

* CANCELLED * (will be rescheduled for fall '06)

Changes in Pacific Coast abalone in response to long-term climate change

Abstract / Presentation

May 18
Jeremy Littell, UW College of Forest Resources and CSES/CIG
Dave Peterson
, Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team, U.S. Forest Service

20th century associations between climate and fire in the American West: Implications for ecosystem management, policy, and climate change science

Abstract / Presentation

May 25

Blake Trask, School of Marine Affairs and CSES/CIG

* CANCELLED * (will be rescheduled for fall '06)


June 1
Susan M. O'Neill, USDA NRCS Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team and
Don McKenzie, USDA Forest Service and CSES/CIG

Climatic change, fire, and air quality

Abstract / Presentation (O'Neill, McKenzie)

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