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CIG Weekly Seminars

Fall Quarter 2007

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The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) at the UW Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES) hosts weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the scientific and social dimensions of climate variability, climate change, climate impacts assessment, and adaptation to climate impacts. Seminars are held during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters) and are open to the public.

CIG seminars are scheduled for:

Thursdays, 1:30-3:00

(unless otherwise noted)

JISAO Conference Room (1st Floor, Lisa Li Building)
4909 25th Ave. NE, Seattle

(Note: The Lisa Li Building is located northeast of the UW campus across from University Village shopping center on 25th Ave NE. The building is located behind Washington Mutual and next to the Burke Gilman Trail.)

Information for presenters

Current CIG Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Topic

September 27

Part 1 (20 min.)
Ed Sarachik, CSES
Nate Mantua, CSES

Part 2
CIG Team

Part 1:
Quarterly climate update
Presentation - global (pdf), regional (ppt) updates

Part 2:
Checking in on the 5 year plan: CSES research updates on core budget projects and connections to the HB1303 work

October 4

John Yearsley, UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

A one-dimensional water temperature model for branched river systems

Abstract / Presentation

October 11

Matt Brunengo, Portland State University

A Monte Carlo model for simulation of rain-on-snow events in the Pacific Northwest

Abstract / Presentation

October 18
Philip Mote, CSES

Global warming and the fate of Kilimanjaro's ice

Abstract / Paper (pdf)

October 25
Lara Whitely Binder, CSES

Preparing for climate change: A guidebook for local, regional, and state governments

Abstract / Presentation

November 1

Greg Hakim, UW Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences

Dynamical climate reconstruction

Abstract / Presentation

November 7

Parrington Hall Room 309
("The Forum")

Dr. Susi Moser, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Toward effective climate change communication: Understanding, engagement, and action

Abstract / Presentation (PDF)

November 15
Josh Lawler, UW College of Forest Resources

Projected climate-induced shifts in the fauna of the western hemisphere


November 22

** NO CIG SEMINAR (Thanksgiving Holiday) **
November 29
J. Elizabeth Jackson, UW Dept. of Sociology

Climate change and human health: Rising to the challenge in Washington State

Abstract / Presentation

December 6
2:00-3:30 (special time)

Chad Kruger, Washington State University

Agricultural management in a changing climate

Abstract / Presentation

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