Seminar Abstract

Katrina Bennett

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium: Hydrologic modelling for climate impacts research in BC

The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium is working to support government and industry adaptation to climate change by providing climate impacts analysis and tools for the water resource planning community, among others. A research plan outlines an approach adopted by PCIC to develop a hydrologic modelling study for climate impacts analysis in BC. An initial component of this work required updated results for hydro-climatology and future climate impacts from British Columbia . Various offshoots of this project are now being developed, including a more detailed study of snow water equivalent trends in north western North America . A collaborative project to implement the VIC hydrologic model is also a key pillar to the work. Initial results for the VIC hydrologic project, primarily driving data, have provided new tools for the climate change community and for water planners in the Province.

Speaker bio:

Katrina Bennett has worked with the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium as a Hydrologist since May 2006. She completed a Masters of Science degree from the University of Victoria in April 2006, under the direction of Dr. Terry Prowse at Environment Canada's Water and Climate Impacts Research Centre (W-CIRC). Prior to her PCIC employment, Katrina worked for four years as a GIS consultant for clients such as BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, the Islands Trust, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Katrina's research interests include snow water equivalent trend analysis in north western North America , analysis of climate variability and impacts on hydrologic resources, and the use of hydrologic models to predict hydrologic impacts to streamflow and snowpack in BC and Pacific North America.