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Spring Quarter 2008


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The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) at the UW Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES) hosts weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the scientific and social dimensions of climate variability, climate change, climate impacts assessment, and adaptation to climate impacts. Seminars are held during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters) and are open to the public.

CIG seminars are scheduled for:

Thursdays, 1:30-3:00

(unless otherwise noted)

Note: Starting fall 2008, CIG seminars will Tuesdays, 1:30-3:00.

CIG seminars during spring quarter will held in:
UW Fisheries Science Bldg, Room 203 (map/parking info; UW campus map)
1122 Boat St., Seattle

Information for presenters

Current CIG Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Topic

April 10

Part 1
Francis Chan, Oregon State University


Part 2 (20 min.)
Todd Mitchell , CSES
Philip Mote, CSES

Part 1:
Climatic causes and ecosystem consequences of hypoxia on the Oregon continental shelf

Abstract / Presentation (large file) / Hypoxia video (large file)

Part 2:
Quarterly climate update
Presentation - global (Mitchell), regional (Mote)

April 17

Katrina Bennet, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium: Hydrologic modelling for climate impacts research in BC

Abstract / Presentation

April 22
Bill Drumheller, Oregon Department of Energy

Oregon climate change preparation and adaptation strategies:  Recommendations from the Governor's Climate Change Integration Group

Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

May 1

Joe Casola, UW Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences

Assessing the impacts of global warming on snowpack in the Washington Cascades

Abstract / Presentation

May 8

Andy Wood, 3-Tier Environmental Forecasting

Applications of macroscale land surface modeling: (1) drought monitoring and prediction; and (2) detection and attribution of climate changes effects on western US hydrology

Abstract / Presentation - part 1, part 2

May 13

Edward Miles, CSES

The development of sustainability science: Is there a role for the CIG?

Abstract / Presentation

May 22

Deghyo Bae, UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

Climate change impact assessment on Korean water resources and their hydrologic uncertainties

Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

May 29

Dilumie Abeysirigunawardena, BC Ministry of the Environment

BC Ministry of Environment: Extreme storm surge and wind-storm climatology in the south coast of British Columbia.

Abstract / Presentation

June 5

Arelia Werner, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

Community-level assessments of climate change and variability

Abstract / Presentation (pdf)

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