Seminar Abstract

Bill Drumheller

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oregon climate change preparation and adaptation strategies:  Recommendations from the Governor's Climate Change Integration Group

Beginning in mid-2006 a stakeholder working group the Governor's Climate Change Integration Group (CCIG) was charged by the Governor of Oregon to formulate recommendations on how the state should begin preparing for and adapting to climate change. The group also addressed key questions on greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, education and outreach, and research needs that were left unanswered by a previous stakeholder advisory process completed in 2004. The final report of this stakeholder group was transmitted to the Governor in February of 2008.

This presentation will summarize the recommendations of the CCIG on preparation and adaptation strategies, as well as some of the other recommendations that have implications for preparation and adaptation. Other activity happening in Oregon on preparation and adaption will also be summarized, including the most recent work that is just getting started through the auspices of the Oregon Global Warming Commission. Some observations on the challenges of getting stakeholders to focus on the issues of adaptation and preparation will also be made in the concluding remarks.

Speaker bio:

Bill Drumheller is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Oregon Department of Energy, where he focuses on climate change policy analysis, research, and outreach. He provides staff support for Oregon's participation in the Western Climate Initiative and The Climate Registry. Bill is lead staff to the Oregon Global Warming Commission, which was created to guide Oregon 's efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate change and meet the state's greenhouse gas reduction goals. Bill also staffed the Governor's Climate Change Integration Group, which made recommendations to the Governor in early 2008 on preparation/adaptation, mitigation, outreach, and research strategies for the state. In addition, he conducts the state's greenhouse gas inventory. In prior work Bill was the policy lead on Oregon 's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and staffed the Governor's Renewable Energy Working Group in its first year when the RPS was crafted.

Before coming to the Oregon Department of Energy Bill was with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a local government membership association. As a manager with the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign at ICLEI he worked with local governments nationwide to implement greenhouse gas reduction programs, practices, and policies. In previous jobs Bill worked at the Maryland Energy Administration, the Library of Congress, and 3M Corporation. Born and raised in the Northwest, Bill went on to study Physics and History at Macalester College in Minnesota and later received master's degrees in Science, Technology, and Public Policy from The George Washington University and in Ecology from the University of California, Davis.