Seminar Abstract

Gary Lawrence

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our clients and climate: How they talk about it, what they want to know about it, and how the decide what to do about it

Arup (air'-up) is a global design, engineering, planning and business consulting firm of 11,000 people with 91 offices in 45 countries. One of the constants in our conversations with governments, publicly traded companies, privately held companies and non-governmental clients and stakeholders in every activity cluster is climate change.  Many have now moved beyond “is it real” to questions of mitigation, adaptation and disaster resilience.  Those that have not moved beyond “is it real” mostly know that they are fooling themselves but without denial they have no justification for maintaining the status quo.   

Gary Lawrence, a Principal in the firm and responsible for Arup's sustainable urban development practices globally, will discuss how Arup as a company and Arup's clients talk about climate change, what they want to know about it, the MEGO (“my eyes glaze over”) effect of most climate communications, and how they decide what to do or not to do about addressing climate change.