Seminar Abstract

Lilian (Na'ia) Alessa

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - cancelled due to illness (4.27.09)

Why socially constructed climate change may make us vulnerable

Over the past decade overwhelming evidence has suggested that global climate change is occurring. The dynamics of regional and local change are less understood but social awareness has resulted in often ‘clear' ideas of what this might be. Such awareness may be primarily the result of perception rather than data resulting in a “social construction” of climate change outcomes. In this talk we explore the nature, scales and rates of change and ultimately conclude that we may poorly equipped to deal with an uncertain future.

Speaker bio:

Lilian (Na'ia) Alessa is an Associate Professor of Biology and Group Leader for The Resilience and Adaptive Management Group at the University of Alaska, as well as Affiliate at the University of Alaska's Water and Environmental Research Center and Arizona Sate University's Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity.