Seminar Abstract

Bob Doppelt

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
ATG 310 C

Change we can't live without: The theory and practice of motivating people and organizations on climate change

Why is the U.S. struggling to adopt effective climate mitigation and preparation strategies and policies? How do people change? In this time of great economic, social, and ecological uncertainty, how can change agents motivate others to alter their thinking and behaviors to serve the common good?

In this session Bob Doppelt will discuss the theory and practice of motivating people and organizations to alter their thinking and behavior to benefit the climate and sustainable development. His remarks will reflect the principles, tools and strategies described in his new book The Power of Sustainable Thinking: How To Create A Positive Future For The Climate, The Planet, Your Organization and Your Life (Earthscan Publishing, 2008) as well as his best selling book Leading Change toward Sustainability: A Change Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil Society (Greenleaf Publishing, 2003).

Bob will also discuss his impressions of and findings from the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen which he presented at and where a major emphasis was placed on mechanisms to motivate behavioral, organizational and social change.

Speaker bio:

Bob Doppelt is the Director of the Climate Leadership Initiative at University of Oregon's Institute for a Sustainable Environment.