Information for Seminar Presenters

Thank you for agreeing to present at the CIG's seminar series.  The following is a list of logistical items that will apply in whole or in part to you.

1. Schedule Verification

Please check the seminar schedule for any corrections to your name, affiliation, title, presentation date, etc.  Please email Ingrid Tohver with any changes.

2. Titles, Abstracts, and Bios

If you have not already provided a title, abstract, and bio, please do so as soon as possible. Working titles are helpful placeholders until final title and abstracts are available. Bio information does not need to be long; a few sentences and/or a link to a web site is fine. 

3. Audience

The CIG seminar series attracts people from across departments (atmospheric sciences, civil/environmental engineering, fisheries, oceanography, forests, public administration) and all levels of academia (faculty to undergrads) at the University of Washington. We also get a few people from the non-academic world. Our typical audience size is 20 to 40 people depending on the topic and travel schedules.

4. Presentation Needs

The CIG has an InFocus machine for projecting PowerPoint presentations. Please let us know in advance if you need the CIG to provide a laptop and if you prefer a PC or Mac . Laptop availability will vary depending on who is in the office. If the CIG is providing the laptop, you can email your presentation ahead of time or bring it on a CD or memory stick.

5. Location, Parking, and Public Transportation

Please come to the CIG office first; we will walk to the seminar location from there (a few minutes walk).

Location. The CIG is located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Our offices are located at 3737 Brooklyn Ave. NE in a building currently known as the Academic Computer Center. The building is a two story concrete and metal building on the southwest corner of NE Pacific Street and Brooklyn Ave NE. More detailed directions are provided here.

Parking. If you are driving, please park in the lot immediately behind our building, not in the parking garage. The lot number is W-35. The entrance to the lot is on Brooklyn Ave. on the south side of our building. Please come to the CIG's first floor office on the southeast side of the lobby (just across from the enclosed glass offices) to get a parking permit for your car. The door to our office is locked at all times so please call Lara Whitely Binder using the phone by the front of the door (note: the doors of the building are open until 5pm). Lara's number is 206-616-5349. There is also a phone list next to the phone.

If no parking is available in the lot, park in a temporary spot and come to the CIG office or call Lara from your cell phone if you have one. We will help you find more parking. Unless an alternate starting time has been set, seminar starts at 1:30 so please leave an extra 15-20 minutes for parking in case we have to go to another lot.

Public Transportation. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of King County's excellent mass transit services. To find out which buses you can take from various locations around King County, please use the Metro/King County Bus Trip Planner. Enter your starting location in field 1 and the CSES office address (3737 Brooklyn Ave. NE) in field 2. Regular bus fare is $1.50 ($1.75 during morning/evening peak hours). Ask the driver for a transfer coupon when switching buses to avoid having to pay a second fare. Transfers are valid for 2 hours.

5. Travel and Accommodations

If you incur any travel expenses in coming to seminar, please save all receipts for reimbursement. There are numerous hotels around the UW campus. A list of hotels is available here. Please be sure to mention that you are coming for UW business in case there is a discounted rate.

6. Posting of Presentations

The CIG likes to post seminar presentations on the CIG seminar page after the seminar is over for review by those who could not attend. You are invited to email you talk ahead of time to Ingrid Tohver or provide a copy on a flash drive or CD (email or flash drive preferred to reduce waste). If you do not want your presentation posted, please let us know.

Last updated 9.25.08