Workshop summary by Kevin Hennessy (CSIRO Australia)

Presentations accessible below (all in PDF)

Monday AM 8:30-12:30

Climate change impacts assessment

Ahsan Uddin Ahmed: Issues of climate change vulnerability and sustainable development potential for South Asia 

Xiu Yang: Impacts of climate change on agriculture and adaptation in China 

Manfred Lange: Integrated water management on Mediterranean islands under changing climate conditions: The MEDIS project 

Ian Holman: The regional climate change impact and response studies in East Anglia and North West England 

Marieta Staneva: Drought in Bulgaria: Integrated assessment of a climate change analog 

Vesselin Alexandrov: Impact of climate variability and change on agriculture in Bulgaria 

Amy Snover: Integrated assessment of climate impacts on the Columbia Basin (US): The sensitivity, adaptability and vulnerability of regional water resources

Monday PM 3:45-7:45

Climate change impacts assessment (cont'd)

Brent Yarnal: Penn State's Center for Integrated Regional Assessment (CIRA) 

Sharad Adhikary: Socio-cultural dimensions of integrated assessment 

Jan Kleinn: Climate change and runoff statistics: A process study for the Rhine basin using a coupled climate-runoff model 

Kevin Hennessy: Climate impacts research at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia: 1988-2002 

Manfred Lange: Regional climate change in the Barents Sea region: From impact assessment to integrated modeling 

Jacqueline Hamilton: The impacts of climate change on tourism destination demand 

Tuesday AM 8:45-12:30 

Seasonal climate forecasting and impacts assessment 

Lidija Srnec: Preliminary results of European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) seasonal forecasts in Croatia 

Bradfield Lyon: Towards the use of seasonal climate information in sensitivity analyses 

Alice Grimm: Generation/use of regional climate information in southern Brazil 

Hector Chikoore: Seasonal climate prediction and changing socio-economic factors: Challenges for decision making in Southern Africa 

Omar Baddour: Design and application of a capacity building approach for seasonal forecasts in Africa 

Tuesday PM  3:45-7:45

Frameworks for Integrated Assessment 

Gunter Weller : Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) 

Edward Miles:  Integrated assessment in the US Pacific Northwest 

C. Gregory Knight: Reflections on the CIRA framework for integrated regional assessment

Rachel Warren: Community Integrated Assessment Model (CIAM): A next generation for climate change 

PANEL DISCUSSION: Approaches to integrated assessment 

Wednesday AM 8:45-12:45

Translating Research into Action 

Anji Seth: Climate impacts monitoring and analyses of El Niño 2002/2003 

Victor Cabrera: Assessing the impact of long-term climate forecasting on north central Florida livestock producers using linear programming 

Anthony Westerling: A new wildfire climatology and seasonal forecasts for the western US: Tools for fire and resource managers 

Antoaneta Yotova: Policy dimensions of climate information: An overview 

George Seielstad: From assessment to mitigation: Experiences in the U.S. Northern Great Plains 

Dewi Galuh Condro Kirono: Indonesian climate change and its possible impacts  

PANEL DISCUSSION: Translating Research into Action 

Wednesday PM: Group Outing to Lucca


Thursday AM 8:45-12:30 

Constructing regional climate change scenarios: Downscaling methods and applications

Jeremy Pal: Uncertainties in the simulations of regional climate change 

Jesus Fernandez: Statistical downscaling through analog search in the CCA space 

Won-Tae Kwon: Development of regional climate change scenarios for East Asia 

Gunn Persson: The Swedish Regional Climate Modelling Programme (SWECLIM) 

Johan Andreasson: Assessing uncertainty in future water resources studies by using different climate scenario downscaling techniques 

Svetlana Nikulina: Climate change scenario construction and impact assessment for Uzbekistan 

T.S.G. Peiris (did not present): Effect of temporal scale aggregation on climate change studies 

Thursday PM 3:30-7:45 

Enabling Interdisciplinary Work 

Barbara Morehouse: Climate variability, vulnerability and adaptation in the US Southwest 

Dörte Poszig: Teaching integrated climate impact assessments: The IRISEN-II advanced study course 

David Cash: The institutional challenges for producing salient, credible, and legitimate regional integrated assessments 

PANEL DISCUSSION: Enabling interdisciplinary work 

Poster session with refreshments

Youngeun Choi: Trends in daily precipitation events and their extremes in the southern region of Korea 

Paul Kay: Can virtual water lessen impacts of climate change? 

Tahl Kestin: Presenting impacts of El Niño to the public 

Philip Mote: 21st Century snow in the US Pacific Northwest 

Gunn Persson: Alternative approaches to assessing climate change impacts on water resources 

Amy Snover: An integrated assessment of the impacts of climate variability and change on the (US) Columbia River basin 

Friday AM  9:00-12:00 

Final Discussions 

Fellowship Recipients: Reports on value of workshop 

PANEL DISCUSSION: Future Directions 




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