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Information for oral presentations
Information for poster presentations

Please contact Adrienne Karpov at 206-616-5350 or with additional questions.

Workshop Location

The CPASW will be held within walking distance (approx. 1/2 mile) of Hotel Deca on the University of Washington campus. A free shuttle to the UW campus is available from the hotel.

Oral presentations and discussions will take place in Johnson Hall (room 102) each day of the conference. Just a short walk away, Mary Gates Hall (MGH) Commons will be available for eating lunches, informal meetings and conversations, checking email, and making phone calls.

Posters will be set up in MGH Commons on Wednesday and Thursday for your viewing. A reception at will be held at MGH with the two poster sessions.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be located in Johnson Hall Auditorium (room 102).

Presenters should arrive at Johnson Hall Auditorium at least 30 minutes in advance of the morning session to have presentations loaded onto a laptop. Please bring your presentations on a memory stick or CD. The primary laptop for the meeting is a PC. If you are a Mac user, you are welcome to use your own laptop to avoid compatibility problems, or let Adrienne Karpov know and one can be made available to you.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations will be held on Wednesday, March 21, and Thursday, March 22, in Mary Gates Hall Commons. Refreshments will be served during both poster sessions.

Poster Size

Posters should not exceed 46" x 70" (landscape) or 70" x 46" (portrait) in order to fit the boards. The posters will be hung one per side on poster boards that are 4' x 8' which can be set up horizontally or vertically. We anticipate that most posters will be landscape but if your poster is in portrait mode, please let Adrienne Karpov know so that we can set up the board vertically to accommodate it.

Hanging Posters

All posters must be hung during the morning of March 21. We would like to have all posters available for viewing both days so please plan to hang your poster during the morning of March 21. We will have clips and push pins available and assigned places which will be marked. Please attend your poster on the day of the session to which it is assigned. To find out your assigned session, please see the agenda.

Poster Session Summary Slides

There will be a summary of the poster sessions given by Dennis Lettenmaier on each of the two poster session days. If you would like to provide us with at most two PowerPoint slides that summarize your poster, please email the slides to Dennis no later than March 16. Otherwise, Dennis will take the information to be used in his summary from your abstract.


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