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State of Knowledge Report - Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Washington State: Technical Summaries for Decision Makers (2013)


Download full report (PDF) (128 pgs - updated 5.5.14; see inside cover for details)
Executive Summary (12 pgs; PDF)

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Washington State: Technical Summaries for Decision Makers
summarizes existing knowledge about the likely effects of climate change on Washington State and the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on research since 2007.

This "State of Knowledge" report provides technical summaries detailing observed and projected changes for Washington's climate, water resources, forests, species and ecosystems, coasts and ocean, infrastructure, agriculture, and human health in an easy-to-read summary format designed to complement the foundational literature from which it draws. The report also describes climate change adaptation activities underway across the state and data resources available to support local adaptation efforts.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Washington State was prepared for the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Individual chapter downloads (PDF):

Northwest Climate Assessment Report (2013)

Published by Island Press

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Climate Change in the Northwest: Implications for Our Landscapes, Waters, and Communities
assesses the state of knowledge about key climate impacts and consequences to various sectors and communities in the Pacific Northwest. It was developed to accompany the 2014 National Climate Assessment and draws on a wealth of peer-reviewed literature and earlier state-level assessment reports conducted for Washington (2009) and Oregon (2010). As an assessment, it summarizes the key climate change topics as reflected in the growing body of Northwest climate change science, impacts, and adaptation literature currently available.

This report serves as an updated resource for scientists, stakeholders, decision makers, students, and community members interested in understanding and preparing for climate change impacts on Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. This more detailed, foundational report is intended to support the key findings presented in the Northwest chapter of the Third National Climate Assessment.

The 271-page report, which draws on the expertise of dozens of scientists and subject-matter experts within the region, was edited by Meghan Dalton and Phil Mote (Oregon Climate Change Research Institute) and Amy Snover (Climate Impacts Group).

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Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment (2009)


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The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment report is a comprehensive look at how climate change may affect key sectors of Washington's natural and built environment, including agriculture, coasts, energy, forests, human health, salmon, urban stormwater infrastructure, and water supply. Funding for the study was provided by the Washington State Legislature.

Information from the assessment is available in a variety of formats. PDF copies of the full report, as well as individual report chapters, are provided below. Journal articles based on the Washington Assessment were published in 2010 as part of a special issue of the journal Climatic Change. Contact CIG to request a copy of a chapter's journal article. Finally, presentations and other materials from a one day conference on the assessment hosted by the CIG in February 2009 are available on the WACCIA conference website.

Full report

The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment: Evaluating Washington’s Future in a Changing Climate
Climate Impacts Group 2009 | 138 MB

Individual report chapters

Executive Summary
Climate Impacts Group 2009 | 14.5 MB

Chapter 1 - Future Climate in the Pacific Northwest
Mote and Salathé 2009 | 11 MB

Chapter 2 - Regional Climate Modeling
Salathé et al. 2009 | 17 MB

Chapter 3a - Implications of 21st Century Climate Change for the Hydrology of Washington State
Elsner et al. 2009 | 20.8 MB

Chapter 3b - Climate Change Impacts on Water Management in the Puget Sound Region, Washington, USA
Vano et al. 2009a | 7.2 MB

Chapter 3c - Climate Change Impacts on Water Management and Irrigated Agriculture in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, USA
Vano et al. 2009b | 10.8 MB

Chapter 4 - Effects of Projected Climate Change on Energy Supply and Demand in the Pacific Northwest and Washington State
Hamlet 2009 | 8.9 MB

Chapter 5 - Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Eastern Washington Agriculture
Stöckle et al. 2009 | 3.3 MB

Chapter 6 - Impacts of Climate Change on Key Aspects of Freshwater Salmon Habitat in Washington State
Mantua et al. 2009 | 7.3 MB

Chapter 7 - Forest Ecosystems, Disturbances, and Climatic Change in Washington State, USA
Littell et al. 2009 | 10.1 MB

Chapter 8 - Impacts of Climate Change on the Coasts of Washington State
Huppert et al. 2009 | 9.2 MB

Chapter 9 - Precipitation Extremes and the Impacts of Climate Change on Stormwater Infrastructure in Washington State
Rosenberg et al. 2009 | 13.7 MB

Chapter 10 - Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in Washington State: Projected Mortality Risks Due to Heat Events and Air Pollution Jackson et al. 2009 | 5.8 MB

Chapter 11 - Preparing for Climate Change in Washington State Whitely Binder et al. 2009 | 1 MB

Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments (2007)


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Preparing for
Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments is designed to help local, regional, and state governments prepare for climate change by recommending a detailed, easy-to-understand process for climate change preparedness based on familiar resources and tools. The guidebook was co-authored by the Climate Impacts Group and King County (Washington). ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability was a contributing partner. Since it's release in 2007, more than 3,000 copies of the guidebook have been distributed worldwide.

Full guidebook and Individual Sections
Download the complete guidebook (5.6 MB)

Individual chapters:

Front Matter (3.2 MB)

Table of Contents (144 kb)

Executive Summary (147 kb)

Key Terms (124 kb)

Suggested Checklist (110 kb)

Chapter 1 - Take Action, Take Advantage: An Introduction by King County Executive Ron Sims (202 kb)

Chapter 2 - A Scientific Overview of Climate Change and Its Impacts (2 MB)

Chapter 3 - The Case for Governments to Prepare for Climate Change (233 kb)

Chapter 4 - Scope Climate Change Impacts to Your Major Sectors (383 kb)

Chapter 5 - Build and Maintain Support to Prepare for Climate Change (279 kb)

Chapter 6 - Build Your Climate Change Preparedness Team (327 kb)

Chapter 7 - Identify Your Planning Areas Relevant to Climate Change (179 kb)

Chapter 8 - Conduct a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (3.7 MB)

Chapter 9 - Conduct a Climate Change Risk Assessment (335 kb)

Chapter 10 - Set Preparedness Goals and Develop Your Preparedness Plan (639 kb)

Chapter 11 - Implement Your Preparedness Plan (229 kb)

Chapter 12 - Measure Your Progress and Update Your Plan (385 kb)

Chapter 13 - Taking the Long VIew: Final Thoughts on Preparing for Climate Change (178 kb)

Chapter 14 - Sources (361 kb)

Appendices (2.7 MB)

Back Cover (233 kb)