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In its research on the relationship between climate and Pacific Northwest (PNW) aquatic ecosystems, the Climate Impacts Group (CIG) has:

Salmon MALBEC: A North Pacific-scale study to Support Conservation Planning for Pacific Salmon

Biomass results from Malbec project.

Figure 1 Reconstructed salmon returns (numbers in millions of fish) estimated using MALBEC: total salmon returns (left panel), total hatchery returns (upper right panel), and total wild salmon returns (lower right) (from Mantua et al. 2007).

Climate Change Impacts on Key Aspects of Freshwater Salmon Habitat in Washington State

Salmon Temp Maps 1303

Figure 2 Average summertime temperature estimates for the 1980s (left map), and the 2040s (right map). Continuous colors indicate air temperatures and colored dots represent water temperature sites (from Mantua et al. (In press)).

Defining spring transition: Regional indices for the California Current

Recent trends in paralytic shellfish toxins in Puget Sound, relationships to climate, and capacity for prediction of toxic events

Local and large-scale climate forcing of Puget Sound oceanographic properties on seasonal to interdecadal timescales

Moore 2008 sst sss

Figure 3 Mean summer and winter sea surface temperature and salinity at Race Rocks during warm, neutral, and cool phases of the (A) El Niño/Southern Oscillation, and (B) Pacific Decadal Oscillation from 1937 to 2002 (from Moore et al. 2008).