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Sound Transit Climate Risk Reduction Project

Project Team


Sound Transit is a multi-modal (train, bus, light rail) public transit agency that plays a key role in facilitating mobility for about 23 million riders annually in the central Puget Sound region of Washington State.

The Sound Transit Climate Risk Reduction Project will assess the vulnerability of Sound Transit assets and services to climate change while creating a process and a model for transit agencies across the United States. The Project will advance the state of the practice in preparing transit agencies for climate change through design and implementation of an innovative multi-stakeholder, multi-modal, and multi-departmental risk assessment and adaptation planning process.

The Project's goals and objectives will be accomplished by drawing on and supplementing published literature, existing tools and methodologies, and expert knowledge. Furthermore, the Project will build capacity for climate impacts assessment and adaptation planning within Sound Transit and develop working partnerships among the region's transit agencies and climate adaptation experts. The Project is a partnership among Sound Transit, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group.

Results from the project will be incorporated into Sound Transit's Sustainability Plan and certified Environmental and Sustainability Management System, and evaluated for inclusion in other agency programs. Additionally, project results will be shared nationally with other transit agencies via development of the project report, case studies, web materials, presentations at professional association meetings, and published literature.

Work on this project is underway and is expected to be completed by spring 2013.

Primary Funding

U.S. Federal Transit Administration

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