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Successful Adaptation: Identifying Effective Process and Outcome Characteristics and Practice-Relevant Metrics

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While adaptation is increasingly recognized as an important climate risk management strategy, and on-the-ground adaptation planning activity is beginning to emerge everywhere, resource managers and planners have no clear guidance as to what success would look like. Success raises vexing management challenges and complex scientific questions about how to identify desirable outcomes and mechanisms across spatial/temporal scales, ecological systems, and social strata.

This project will address these questions for coastal adaptation planning by engaging scientists and coastal practitioners in an iterative and collaborative exploration of adaptation outcomes, processes and mechanisms, and the metrics with which to measure success in coastal communities in California, Oregon and Washington. Specific results of the proposed work include:

Work on this project is underway and is expected to be completed in early 2014.

Primary Funding

NOAA Sea Grant

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Coastal Ecosystems

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