Integrated Assessment: Current Research

Developing GIS-Based Tools for Integration



The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) is developing an in-house geographical information system (GIS) capability to support research on integrated assessment, aid communication within CIG, enhance external communication, and undergird decision-support tools for regional stakeholders.

The initial basis of this work will be a "physical template," a GIS-based quantitative virtual reality of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) with fine-scale information not only about climate impacts, but the regulatory, socioeconomic, and ecological environments in which they will occur.

Implementation of the physical template will include the following steps:

In this way, CIG will provide a complete package of PNW climate-related data. In order to ensure that the information will be provided in a form useful to regional planners and decision makers, we will work to identify the potential users and their data needs (spatial and temporal scales, data formats), to develop a query-able database and a graphical user interface, and to test and evaluate this product with the users.