Integrated Assessment

Current Research

The overarching goals of the Climate Impacts Group’s (CIG) efforts in integrated assessment in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) are:

  1. to develop more fully integrated vertical and horizontal assessment within and among all CIG research sectors (water, forests, salmon, and coasts) and for the region as a whole;
  2. to place projected regional impacts of climate change into perspective, e.g., within the broader regional context and/or within the context of other human-caused effects; and
  3. to develop enhanced tools for communication and outreach.

Recent projects under the integrated assessment framework have included:

Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment

The CIG, in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Washington State University, completed a major research effort to develop a first-ever climate change impacts assessment for Washington State.

Rhythms of Change: Climate Impacts on the Pacific Northwest

Rhythms of Change: Climate Impacts on the Pacific Northwest is a book-length manuscript currently under review at MIT Press that describes ways in which the natural resources and the human socioeconomic systems the Pacific Northwest are affected by today's climate and projected climate change.