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Global, National and Regional Climate Data Sets



CSES provides a large collection of gridded instrumental data sets (primarily temperature and precipitation, but also pressure and winds, and others) on the World Wide Web (WWW) as a resource to the UW, national, and global community. A large number of data sets are available on the WWW, but they are often distributed in formats that cannot be ingested into commonly used analysis software. Other data sets are so large as to be prohibitively slow to analyze.

The project provides gridded data fields in a “common data format” that can be read by GIS and widely used geophysical software. Several large domain data sets have also been subsetted for subregions such as the Pacific Northwest. The WWW page also provides timeseries of climate variables that were developed at JISAO, for example monthly Sahel precipitation, several indicators of El Niño/Southern Oscillation indices, and Washington coast sea surface temperatures, that are of interest to both local and foreign researchers. All of the time series are easily ingested by Excel software.

Simple analyses of the grand mean, seasonal cycle, and interannual variability are also provided for each field and timeseries as a resource for talks. A new effort is underway to provide climatology analyses in the format that can be viewed by Google Earth software, and they are expected to be very useful as an educational resource.


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