Regional Climate: Current Research

Analysis of Global Climate Model Projections for the Pacific Northwest



Climate change projections for the Pacific Northwest used for impacts studies are derived from global climate model simulations. As part of the IPCC Fourth Assessment, research centers around the world have completed a suite of climate change simulations and the output from these simulations is publicly available for applied research. The Climate Impacts Group has analyzed simulations from 20 global climate models for the 20th C and projections for the 21st C based on three emissions pathways (SRES A2 A1B and B1). This analysis has enabled us to ascertain the ability of the global models to capture the observed climate of the Pacific Northwest and to compare the projected trends in temperature and precipitation simulated by the various models. Global climate simulations from the CMIP3 archive were evaluated and analyzed in support of the State of Washington Climate Impacts Assessment.

Primary Funding

Washington State Legislature (House Bill 1303)

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Mote, P.W., and E.P. Salathé. 2009. Future climate in the Pacific Northwest. Chapter 1 in The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment: Evaluating Washington's Future in a Changing Climate, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.