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The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) is working to further our understanding of the patterns and predictability of regional climate variability, the influence of climate variation on the Pacific Northwest (PNW) environment and its institutions, and strategies for increasing societal resilience to climate.

CIG’s research is fundamentally organized around an analysis of PNW climate, augmented by an examination of regional socioeconomic systems. Our understanding of regional climate – the patterns of its variability in both space and time, the predictability of those variations, and the projections of future changes in climate – helps us to focus our research on those components of life in the PNW that are likely to be most affected by climate fluctuations and on information that could be incorporated into decision making.

By investigating observed physical and institutional responses to past climatic stresses, the CIG can assess the PNW’s sensitivity, adaptability, and vulnerability to climate variability. The understanding gained from these retrospective studies serves as a basis for developing climate and resource forecasting tools for the natural resources management community as well as projecting the regional implications of global climate change.

Our work integrates natural sciences research, social sciences research, and outreach and interaction with the regional stakeholder community. At CIG, researchers from many disciplines work together to understand the regional consequences of fluctuations in climate.

Sectoral Research

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Tools for Planning

The CIG strives to provide information on PNW climate and climate impacts that can be used by decision makers to effectively manage the region’s resources for climate variability and change. To that end, the CIG provides:

  1. climate and climate-based resource forecasts for seasonal to interannual operations and planning, and
  2. technical assistance and planning tools to support planning for climate change.

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Highlights of CIG’s Scientific Contributions

CIG has:

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