Daily Downscaled Data for the Pacific Northwest

Downscaled data for the Climate Model simulations conducted for the IPCC Fourth Assessment

Data prepared by the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group

Eric Salathé 206-616-5351


Data are in gzipped netcdf files, one file for each simulated year. Each file contains daily precipitation (mm/day), Tmin (C), Tmax (C), and wind speed (m/s) on a 1/8-degree grid over the Pacific Northwest. The table below list the 6 scenarios downscaled and links to a list of years for that scenario. Clicking on a year will download the corresponding file.

Monthly-mean data are also available.

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ECHAM4 20th Century SRES A2
IPSL_CM4 20th Century SRES A2
GISS_ER 20th Century SRES B1