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In order to select appropriate scenarios for climate impacts studies based on the IPCC Fourth Assessment (AR4) climate simulations , we have analyzed the climate response for the Pacific Northwest from various climate model simulations. For consistency with prior work, we included the current versions of models used previously: Hadcm3, Echam5, CCSM3, and PCM1 (CCSM3 is the successor to both the NCAR CSM and DOE PCM). To these we added 5 additional models to better represent the range of models participating in AR4. These are: CNRM_CM3, CSIRO_MK3, MIROC_3.2, IPSL_CM4, CGCM_3.1, and GISS_ER. For each model, we examined the 20th Century simulation and simulations for two scenarios for greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions, SRES A2 and B1.

A detailed discussion of the scenarios is available here.

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