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Global Data Archive: Time Series

This page provides access to time series data sets documenting spatial and temporal variability in various climate parameters:


Name Range of Years Comments
Equatorial Pacific MSU Index 1979-92  
Global EOFs 1900-88  
Tropical Pacific and non-Pacific indices from gauge data 1892-1996, 1850-96  
Walker and Bliss Southern Oscillation index 1875-1933  
South America
northeast Brazil 1849-2002  
Piura Perú rainfall and river runoff 1932-97, 1925-96  
Gulf of Guinea (Univ. Washington) 1899-June2001  
Sahel (Univ. Washington) 1900-Oct2010  
Sahel, Soudan, Guinea Coast (Nicholson) 1901-94  
India (All-India and subdivisions)
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
1871-2003 The only source of India data.
Paolino | monsoondata.org | IRI various easy-to-read formats
Two earlier compilations:
Sontakke et al.
Parthasarathy et al.
U.S. Pacific Northwest
Digital values for numerous stations (WMSSC) climatology  
Northeastern Washington State 1931-96  
Puget Sound Lowland (Washington State) 1931-2009  

Surface Temperature

Name Range of Years Comments
PNW stream temperature 1950-2006 summertime, weekly 
Digital values for numerous stations (WMSSC) climatology  
Eastern Eq. Pacific SST Anomalies
"Cold Tongue Index" (CTI)
1845-Jan 2011  
Equatorial Pacific SSTs: Nino1+2, Nino3, Nino4, Nino3.4 1950-present  
"G", the leading principal component of SST anomaly "deviations" 1950-2005  
Global-average marine sfc. air temperature anomalies 1854-1997  
Global-average SST Anomalies 1854-1997 & 1950-2003  
Global-SST ENSO index 1817-Feb2011  
Hemispheric- and global-means (Nicholls et al.) 1850-present  
Indian Ocean SAT Anomalies 1800-2004  
NCDC global-average land, sea, land+sea anomalies 1880-present  
Northeastern Washington State 1931-96  
"Pacific Decadal Oscillation" (PDO)
north Pacific SST anomalies
Paita Perú SST 1963-May98  
Puget Sound Lowland (Washington State) 1931-2009  
Puerto Chicama Perú SST 1925-2002  
Tropical-average SST Anomalies 1950-2000  
Tropical Land Temperature Anomalies 1851-June 1997  
UEA global- and hemispheric-average land+sea anomalies 1856-present  
Walker and Bliss Southern Oscillation index 1875-1933  

Sea-Level Pressure (SLP)

Name Range of Years Comments
Darwin Australia (UEA, NCEP, NCAR) 1866-present  
Jakarta Indonesia 1841-1999  
Tahiti (UEA, NCEP, NCAR) 1855-present  
Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)
ICOADS-based 1890-2008  
NCAR 1882-present  
NCEP 1866-present  
University of East Anglia 1866-present  
Walker and Bliss 1875-1933  
North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)
NCEP 1950-present observed and forecasted
Stephenson compilation    
University of East Anglia 1821-2000  
Northern Annular Mode (NAM), Arctic Oscillation (AO)
Colorado State University
NCEP 1950-present (monthly),1979-present (daily) observed and forecasted
University of Washington
Southern Annular Mode (SAM), Antarctic Oscillation (AAO)
NCEP 1979-present monthly and daily, observations and forecasts
British Antarctic Survey 1957-present
University of Washington
850 hPa Z

Leibniz Institut für Meereswissenschaften 1860-2005  

Surface or 10-m Vector Wind & Surface Vector Stress

Name Range of Years Comments
Eq. Pacific meridional wind 1850-Jun2005  
Eq. Pacific zonal wind 1850-Jun2005  


Name Range of Years Comments
CO2: Mauna Loa and many other stations various Flask samples and ice cores.
Mauna Loa through last year PDF
Mauna Loa and South Pole: PS | JPEG | PNG | GIF
Tropical cyclone positions and number 1886 - present  
Sea ice extent and areas 1978 - present  

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