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CIG periodically holds workshops to help natural resources managers and other interested persons to understand the impacts of climate variations and climate change on the Pacific Northwest and to discuss policy options for preparing for and coping with these climate impacts.




Boise (ID)

September 16, 2003

Idaho Climate and Water Resource Forecasts for the 2004 Water Year

Kelso (WA)

October 14, 2003

Climate and Water Resource Forecasts for the 2004 Water Year



Seattle (WA)

April 30, 2003

Water Resources in a Changing Climate: Hydrologic Scenario Development for Long-range Planning




Boise (ID)

October 16, 2002

Water Workshop: Forecasting Climate and Water Resources

Olympia (WA)

September 25, 2002

Outlook for climate and water resources in the Northwest

Castelvecchio Pascoli (Italy)

September 16-20, 2002

International Workshop on Regional Integrated Assessment of Climate Impacts



Orcas Island (WA)

November 14-15, 2001

Climate Change, Carbon and Forestry in Northwestern North America

Seattle (WA)

November 8, 2001

Climate change and the Pacific Northwest: An update for journalists

Kelso (WA)

October 4, 2001

The 2001 drought: What's next?

Boise (ID)

September 27, 2001

Forecasting Climate and Water Resources in Idaho: Past experience and outlook for 2001-02

Seattle (WA)

September 10, 2001

Virtual drought exercise for west side water managers

Skamania (WA)

July 16-17, 2001

Water Policy and Climate Change

Preparatory white papers, agenda, presentations
Workshop Report Executive Summary (PDF)
Detailed Workshop Summary (PDF)


Please email us if you would like more information about these workshops when it becomes available. 


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